Celebrated Every April During National Volunteer Week

Volunteers are a powerful force for community improvement, and their efforts make the most of limited resources. The GIVE Awards are presented in cooperation with the Office of the Governor to honor the accomplishments of Mississippians who make a difference in their communities each year. These prestigious awards, initially launched in 1993 by First Lady Patricia O. Fordice and Governor Kirk Fordice, are a small token of thanks to the many people who live their lives in service to their neighbors and this great state that they call home.  Since its inception, thousands of Mississippians have participated in honoring 279 individual and organizational GIVE Award recipients.

The GIVE Awards recognize outstanding individual and group volunteer efforts that have made a significant difference to the state, through volunteer action in local communities. Highlighting these extraordinary acts of kindness not only honors deserving volunteers, but inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

The GIVE Awards have helped to establish high standards for volunteer involvement and effectiveness in multiplying resources for communities. Awards are given to volunteers in categories, such as: youth (<18), humanitarian service, faith-based, and lifetime achievement. Awards are also given for outstanding service to a variety of specific causes, such as: Children & Families, Health, Homelessness, Hunger, the Environment, Animal Advocacy, Literacy, Education, Mental Health, Arts & Culture, Anti-Violence, Disaster Relief, Economic Development, and other essential causes that enrich the lives of Mississippians.