Dr. Bridget Pieschel


How long have you been on the Commission?

I joined the commission this fall, and I am very impressed with the passion of the other commissioners. I look forward to learning more from the staff and commissioners as I move through my first year. 

What is one of your favorite things about serving on the Commission?

The Commission has introduced me to people from all over the state who are committed to volunteer service and who understand the power in unifying resources and talent.  The Commission is non-partisan, because our states needs are non-partisan. 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of serving on the Commission so far?

In December I was part of a group which reviewed grant applications from a broad variety of agencies and organizations.  It is heartening to learn about groups all over the state who are facing a problem with proactive plans, and who are dedicated to positive change.  I am honored to play even a small role in that process.

Where do you volunteer, what’s your cause, and what’s your favorite volunteer project?

I’ve just jointed the board for the Lowndes Community Foundation (a branch of the CREATE Foundation), and I volunteer at my church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Columbus, Mississippi.

My favorite two activities over the past forty years have been singing in the choir, and, as an Episcopal Churchwoman, helping host our yearly “May Luncheon.”  The income produced by the May Luncheon not only goes toward our church’s needs, but also out into our community to help fund Habitat for Humanity, Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen, Safe Haven Domestic Violence Shelter, and other worthy organizations.

In addition, I also enjoyed serving on the Girl Scouts Heart of the South board for several years. I am passionate about any volunteer activity that promotes the well-being of women and girls.  My favorite volunteer activity is serving as a board member for the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.  Every year the MIAL honors Mississippi-connected individuals with awards based on juried competitions in seven categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Visual Art, Musical Composition (Concert), Musical Composition (Popular), Photography, and Poetry. This service has made me even more proud of the richness of Mississippi talent.