Commissioner Becky Cade

How long have you been on the Commission? 
This is my first term as a Commissioner.  My first meeting was in October 2017, I believe. 

What is one of your favorite things about serving on the Commission?
Besides getting to know the staff and other commissioners, I am enjoying getting to know how much other Mississippians do to volunteer to support their communities!  It’s great to learn and hear such good things are being accomplished by so many volunteers to enhance our great state! 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of serving on the Commission so far? 
Reading the GIVE [Governor’s Initiative for Volunteer Excellence] award nominations. 

Where do you volunteer, what’s your cause, and what’s your favorite volunteer project?
I retired in 2009. Just prior to my retirement and shortly thereafter, I served on the MUW Alumni Association Board.  In that capacity, I served as both secretary and treasurer.  Following retirement I have spent most of my time volunteering in a variety of areas as follows:

  1. Through my church, Christ United Methodist Church (CUMC), I tutored elementary age students twice a week for two years;
  2. As a life time member of MRPEA,  I served a total of four years as Vice-President and President of the Mississippi Retired Public Employees Association, a non-profit organization whose purpose it is to protect retirement dollars for members and retirees of the state’s Public Employees’ Retirement Association ;
  3. I’ve been a member of The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary for the past five years and served as it’s President for a year and a half.  
  4. For three of the last four years I’ve also served as the Director and Co-Director of an annual race fundraiser for TSA (The Salvation Army);
  5. I am currently the President of my Circle for the United Methodist Women (UMW) at CUMC and the Treasurer for the whole UMW organization at CUMC.  Through my monthly circle I have regularly donated food on a quarterly basis when our circle serves Meals on Wheels.
  6. Another special mission through CUMC that I have supported through donations and provision of food is called The Connection.  This special program provides Christian love, support and friendship on a regular basis to youth from low income families primarily located in the Reservoir area of Jackson.
  7. I have also worked on several Habitat for Humanity homes through more than one organization including but not limited to MUW and TSA.
  8. I have participated in a weekly bible study at CUMC for the last five or six years.  During the last three or four years I have facilitated the study discussions at least a couple of times each year and just completed a six-week facilitation most recently.
  9. Of course, I now serve on the Commission and have read grants in December and am now reviewing GIVE award nominations in an effort to get to know these programs better and to make a difference while I’m on this Commission. 

Identifying my favorite volunteer project is very hard to do!  I must admit that I probably received the most enjoyment out of the tutoring, but it was also the most heart breaking and challenging.  My next favorite would have to be the bible studies because I learn so much for these! 

My cause, I guess one would say is trying to give back and to enhance and make a difference in my community.