InclusionAs your state office of volunteerism, Volunteer Mississippi believes Everyone Can Serve, and we are committed to engaging and supporting Mississippians of all ages and backgrounds in service to their communities. It is our goal to enlarge the scope of awareness in order to educate communities and increase the involvement of volunteers across our state.

Volunteers are important to every aspect of our lives. They are the answers to the many problems and pressing needs of our communities. Volunteers are everywhere and can be anyone willing to sacrifice their time and service for others.

Our world is changing. More volunteer opportunities are available now than ever before and people with disabilities are joining the world or service in increasing numbers. Why? Because volunteering is about giving of yourself and your time.

People with disabilities are seeing needs in their communities and they are contributing to creating a better world for everyone. They are committed individuals, willing and able to serve and dedicated to the call.  No longer are they viewed as recipients of service but as service providers. Whether it is mentoring youth, teaching children to read, repairing trails, helping seniors remain independent in their homes, or increasing public safety awareness, people with disabilities are making a difference and making a huge impact in communities across Mississippi.

In order to erase the stigma regarding people with disabilities that has plagued our society for decades, we must deepen our understanding and help promote growth. By including persons with disabilities in service opportunities, we are making a difference and raising the awareness of the power of service. We can be inclusive of all citizens and unite to form a better world for all. If we are creative in our thinking, we can turn inabilities into abilities.

For more information on disability inclusion:

Sadelle Sweet, Program Inclusion Specialist
Phone: 601-432-6779 / TTY: 601-432-6970
Or call toll free:  1-888-353-1793