Volunteerism and national service aren’t just good deeds or good ideas: they’re good investments for Mississippi. Each dollar allocated by the state legislature to MCVS in 2017 yielded a return of $12 through federal investment in our state by CNCS, including support for MCVS administration, program development and training; AmeriCorps State subgrantees; the Volunteer Generation Fund; and AmeriCorps Segal Education Awards.

Of the $6,983,588 total agency budget, MCVS awarded program grants totaling $3,298,219 in 2018. At just 17% of total agency funding, our operational budget supports administrative oversight of AmeriCorps State and Volunteer Generation Fund grants, program training and technical assistance, disability inclusion resources and ADA reasonable accommodations for all Mississippi national service programs, and emergency volunteer operations. At $662,657, the State of Mississippi shouldered just 10% of the MCVS budget. 

The value of national service in Mississippi communities is reflected in the significant investment over $2.5 million, over 36% of the MCVS total budget—put forth by local organizations and agencies to match federal national service dollars. MCVS prides itself on fiscal responsibility and accountability, with nearly 84% of the MCVS budget directly infused back into programs throughout Mississippi. 

Over 73% of all 2017 AmeriCorps State funding was invested into programs bolstering education. Through MCVS initiatives, just $662,657 in state dollars were leveraged to secure a federal investment of $2.4 million in Mississippi education and nearly $1 million in healthy futures, opportunity, and veterans focused programs. Judy or Suzanne may be able to breakout the program dollars. 

Use the link below to download a PDF that outlines the the impact volunteers have on our state through AmeriCorps and the Volunteer Mississippi Network helping meet critical needs and supporting statewide strategic initiatives.